Our Policies

Company Policies

1. If you plan to use the services of Air India Logistics Packers and Movers or recommend it to friends, it is important that you read our policy. We collect a lot of personal information about our users to help them. The data we collect is particularly important. We use accurate information so that we can provide convenient services to customers.

2. We care about your information and the policies we use that help to protect the information accurately.

3. We provide fast and hassle-free service to customers as we work on specific principles. Like, we start the packaging process after doing a pre-move survey and packing their valuables and expensive as per the customer’s requirements and risk-free moving by our qualified and skilled, professional staff.

Terms and conditions:

Air India Logistics Packers and Movers company is committed to providing quality and excellent services to customers. To ensure that we can meet this goal, we have established the following conditions:

1. Customers are responsible for any and all costs associated with their actions
2. Once the move is complete, customers have 15 days to report any damage or missing items.
3. Our moving company will not be responsible for any damage caused during a move that is not reported within 15 days of completion.

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About Us

Air India Logistics Packers and Movers understand the needs of the customers and provide them with top-notch services. They usually use big trucks to transport goods to customers. Most companies are organized with local branches or authorized agents. Transport services are required when moving goods.

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